PFW Aroma Chemicals is a Europe based manufacturer of aroma chemicals and specialty chemicals.


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PFWAC A few customers asking if PFW will be at the BSP symposium.Nice to be asked!Not presenting but will be there in one form or another! @BSP50
PFWAC My Twitter account appears to have a bug/hack/ spam etc. So any rubbish written or sent today was not intentional. Apologies.
PFWAC @ScentAirUK @BSP50 Re:British Society of Perfumers one day symposium.One of my favorite events in the fragrance calender or in any calender!
PFWAC Doing a mini World Perfumery Congress presentation for the mayor, press and local VIPs to mark 100 years of PFW.
PFWAC Unbelievably some of my colleagues still do not think I was at World Perfumery Congress.Luckily photos are published!
World perfumery congress