About Patchwood



PFW Aroma Chemicals B.V newest aroma chemical Patchwood, is powerful and woody, with a fresh ozonic top note and camphoraceous, leathery impression.


The History and Technical details.


Patchwood is derived from Cyclomyral, a treasured aroma chemical in the PFW product portfolio. During discussions concerning Cyclomyral with befriended perfumers, from a major PFW customer they showed an interest in the marine woody impression to be found within Cyclomyral.


PFW took these comments to heart and carried out further analysis on Cyclomyral. From this analysis PFW isolated the Patchwood precursor.

Patchwood comes from one of several structural isomers found in Cyclomyral. Patchwood is a ketone with 3 intertwining ring structures, as apposed to Cyclomyral which has only 2 rings.



The Perfumery Perspective


In perfumery Patchwood is unique and a suitable ingredient for use in many applications. Patchwood adds a fresh top note in fine fragrances. Patchwood brings lift and body to fruity accords in shower gel and shampoo applications. Patchwood rounds off green floral scents in hand soaps. Patchwood offers great stability in many products from mild acid through to liquid bleach.


Patchwood is truly versatile product that would be a great addition to any perfumer’s palette.